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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice

DEI & Social Justice

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Hadly Lab Diversity Statement

Our lab provides a safe space where we respect and value the diverse backgrounds, identities, opinions, generations and perspectives of each member. Diversity and inclusiveness create an engaged lab, better science, a successful department, and a thriving campus.

We strive to cultivate a beginner’s mind, with curiosity and eagerness to learn about each lab member and their unique personal and professional paths. Our lab fosters open and respectful dialogue, with kindness and the willingness to create a supportive intellectual and social community. 

Our commitment to the appreciation of diversity extends beyond the lab. We strive to perpetuate our lab culture elsewhere on- and off-campus as we engage in fieldwork and communication about our work. This positive atmosphere is essential for individual well-being, which directly contributes to enriched personal and collaborative science and gives us all hope for a better world.